About CYUT


Brief History of the University

   Chaoyang University of Technology (CYUT) was founded in 1994 by Dr. Tien-Sheng Yang in memory of his parents and with the goal of educating elites. CYUT is located at Wufong, near Taichung City, a highly cultivated district. Covering an area of 66.4 hectares on a luscious green mountain, CYUT occupies a commanding position and overlooks remarkable landscape towards Taichung city.

        CYUT’s pre-opening office was established in 1988. Then, in 1994, CYUT began to admit students. The name “Chaoyang” symbolizes the university facing the sun and its vigorous growth. With “diligence, character and action” as its motto, the students are expected to be active, self-motivated and hardworking. It is easy for a university to cultivate students’ professional knowledge and skills. However, it is much more difficult to educate students to be polite, care for others, and to respect themselves.  CYUT places great importance to the cultivation of students’ character and the establishment of a friendly and professional campus, where Chaoyang students can grow to be healthy and strong, and become professionals welcomed by their respective industries and by society in general.

       In its first year, Chaoyang comprised of 8 departments with over 900 students enrolled. Due to its commitment to outstanding achievements, in 1997, Chaoyang was designated by the Ministry of Education as a University of Technology, the highest level in the polytechnic educational system within the R.O.C. This designation coming only three years after the establishment of the school in 1994 as Chaoyang Institute of Technology set a record within the educational history of Taiwan, a record that remains unbroken.


  Currently, the University comprises of 5 colleges and 22 departments, that offer 22 master's programs and 5 doctoral programs. The number of students currently enrollment is over 17,000, and the faculty and staff is about 600 in total. CYUT’s excellent teachers and facilities have been readily receiving recognition. With its goal of becoming a mid-large type of institution of higher learning. 

         To face the ever-changing world and rapid technological development, the curriculum of the four-year university courses is no longer enough to prepare the student for their future. Therefore, the curriculum design and teaching methods needs constant renewal of thoughts to keep up with the needs of the respective industries. Only after cultivating the talents that industry needs can it be possible that our students obtain employment as soon as they graduate and adapt to working life. To that end, starting from 2008, CYUT has been setting into action a Teaching Quality Management (TQM) system where opinions from students (including graduates), alumni, and industry are combined to improve teaching content and methods. In addition, active cooperation with industry has been undertaken to connect research with the application to help solve problems. Moreover, students’ internship has become more efficient through planning and cooperation with the industry which provides the students with practical experience.

         The system of higher learning is facing its most difficult and important time; there are not only new challenges, but also new opportunities and hope. With the foundation of our research and teaching that have been developed on the unity and harmony of Chaoyang people, CYUT will continuously reform its curriculum and teaching methods through its professors’ commitment to being the best, innovative concepts, with the hope of enhancing students’ competitiveness through both theory and practice. In the meantime, new visions will be explored and implemented through deep investigation into management of higher learning, efficiency of professional learning, cooperation with the industry, globalization as well as pursuit of excellence in renovation.

         After all, the establishment of a substantial, vocational education cannot remain a slogan; it takes courage and perseverance to initiate, and willpower to accomplish, in order for vocational education to become driving force for social stability, and a value for modern civilization. Let us walk hand in hand and bring Chaoyang’s excellent team spirit into full play. Let us with firm and down-to-earth steps create splendid efficiency in running the university, and push CYUT forward to become the benchmark of vocational education in Taiwan.

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