Work Permit


 Working Permit

一、Applying Know How

(一)During the period of studying in Taiwan for foreign students, if they need work study or internship (including unpaid internship and unpaid labor services), they should apply for a work permit in accordance with regulations before they can work legally.

(二)The work permit period can be up to 6 months. For those who applied in the last semester (autumn), the work permit expires on March 31st, and in the next semester (spring), the work permit expires on September 30th of the same year.

(三)Except for the winter and summer vacations, the maximum working hours per week for foreign students is 20 hours.

(四)If not in accordance with the foregoing provisions, the Ministry of Labor may revoke its work permit in accordance with the Employment Services Law. If you work illegally (that is, if you do not apply for a work permit in accordance with the regulations, you are employed as a worker for another person), you will be fined from 30,000 NTD to a maximum of 150,000 NTD.

(五)Students who come to Taiwan to study in a formal education system can only apply for a work permit with a valid residence permit

二、Application Process

 (一)Please register an account at the EZ Work Permit. For related application procedures, please refer to the operation manual

(二)Application fee 100 NTD

(三)Payment methods are as follows:

1.Postal transfer, transfer account name: Special Account for Employment License Fee of Labor Development Department of the Ministry of Labor, transfer account number: 19058848.

2.ATM payment, click the ATM payment method in the payment method of the application case, and the system will provide the transfer number when the application is submitted

三、Application time

About 7 ~ 10 working days (excluding holidays)

Click Num: