International Degree Students


Chaoyang University of Technology takes the pursuit of becoming a global outstanding university as its governance goal. We welcome students from all over the world who love multicultural experiences to come to our school. We provide a student-friendly learning environment and living space, let all international students attending our school feel the unique campus culture of CYUT, and cordial reception and arrangement. The relevant provisions of the application are subject to the latest "Measures for Foreign Students to Study in Taiwan" promulgated by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China.

Description of admission application process

Complete the online application form  confirm the eligibility for the application and prepare the required documents for the application. Please confirm whether the department you are applying for requires additional materials to be submitted, and all relevant documents will be submitted before the application deadline.

After the online application is completed, you will receive an application confirmation email.

Important time for admission

1.For Bachelor and Master students who want to register for the fall class (starting in September 2023), must register before June 30, 2023; if want to register for the spring class (starting in February 2024), must register before December 16, 2023.

2.For doctoral students who want to register for the fall class (starting in September 2023), must register before April 30, 2023; if want to register for the spring class (starting in February 2024), must register before October 31, 2023.

To apply for scholarship

CYUT provides international students applying for admission scholarships for bachelor's degree programs and admission bursaries for master's and doctoral programs. In order to encourage international students with excellent academic performance to strive for outstanding results, CYUT also provides scholarships for international students during their studies.

For scholarship related information, please contact, +886-4-23323000 Ext.3124.

International students can contact CYUT, Office of International and Cross-Strait Cooperation: or 886-4-23323000 ext. 3124、3138、3139

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