Overseas Short-term programs

Promote an overseas international experience for thousands of people

Chaoyang University of Science and Technology in response to the trend of internationalization, to train students to have international competitiveness, and actively establish academic cooperation with foreign friends, send students abroad to study internships, through interactive training or joint training, to enhance cross-border exchange of learning experience, expand students' international horizons. At the same time actively recruit foreign students, in order to strengthen the foreign language skills of our students, handle various cultural exchange activities, and build an international learning environment. The program will focus on enhancing students' foreign language skills and expanding the selection of students to study abroad, with the main objective of reaching the point where thousands of people are selected to study overseas.

Specific practices include

First, expand overseas study and further education:

The school has signed a number of well-known foreign schools "double degree" or "exchange of students" cooperation agreement, in order to effectively promote students to study abroad for further study, will be accompanied by the Ministry of Education to promote the series of plans, the production of literature and propaganda manuals and set up a dedicated website, the implementation of systematic publicity and guidance, to create a study atmosphere abroad. And for short-term study to cooperative schools, overseas study of students, summer overseas study camps, overseas relocation teaching and other programs, expand students to participate in pipelines and opportunities, through the results of the publication of activities, with the school teachers and students to share experience results, open up the global vision of students in the school, drive overseas study and learning culture, and then expand the school's international academic exchanges.

Second, promote overseas internship courses:

To implement the internationalization of teaching and enhance students' international practical experience, the university implemented the overseas internship system for students in the 99th academic year. At present, the implementation of the School of Management and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is more mature. The scheme will be combined with the Education Department's Sea-Building Dream Program to expand the promotion of the selection of students for internships in overseas enterprises by seeking more co-operation between overseas Taiwanese business enterprises, with the goal of full implementation of the five colleges.

Third, for cross-border cooperation topics or thesis guidance:

Actively promote the cooperation between departments and sister schools abroad to guide students in the production of special topics or papers, and jointly publish papers. Enable students to expand their professional horizons through multiple learning methods, refine the quality of topics or papers, and improve the academic visibility of the university internationally.

Promoting students' participation in international seminars:

Students are encouraged to engage in academic creation and practical research and to participate in international seminars to enhance the international status of academic research in schools. Grantees must place their papers in the school's institutional collection system and submit the information of the meeting to the department for examination, so that their results can be shared by teachers and students throughout the school, in order to enhance the academic research and development energy of the university.

V. Promoting the International Volunteer Program:

To organize international volunteer service teams to conduct educational counselling services in foreign regions, to train students in voluntary service, active learning and multi-exploration capabilities, to provide students and foreign teachers and students with learning and exchange opportunities, so that students experience multi-cultural, broaden their horizons and establish an international outlook, and to assist the country's overall diplomatic work to carry out and implement.

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