Training program


In order to promote the development of cross-strait exchanges and vocational education cooperation, Chaoyang University of Science and Technology organizes Taiwan technical and vocational education teacher training activities for sister schools, shares the university’s school experience, innovative teaching and professional knowledge, promotes teacher teaching capacity, and nurtures students. Development and practical ability.

Training content
According to the purpose of training in Taiwan, there are three categories

1. The training content of school administrators, including the following special lectures:

(1) University-running philosophy and university-running experience of higher technical and vocational education in Taiwan

(2) Experience sharing of students' moral education

(3) Student counseling experience sharing

(4) Student service learning experience sharing

(5) Experience sharing on the establishment of labor education system

(6) University-running environment-experience sharing on the construction of a green university

(7) Experience sharing of teaching quality assurance system

(8) Construction and implementation of teacher training and appraisal system

(9) University-enterprise cooperation experience sharing

(10) Experience sharing of outstanding teachers

(11) Experience Sharing of Teaching Excellence Project

(12) University management experience sharing

(13) Experience sharing of univeristy administration information system construction

(14) Library construction, function distribution and management experience sharing

(15) Management practice of student associations

(16) Human resource management experience sharing

(17) Construction and implementation of student learning files

(18) Standard curriculum planning and E-system

(19) Specific plans to improve teachers' practical ability

2. Three innovations (creative, innovation, entrepreneurship) teacher training, the school's three innovations (innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship) teacher training courses, including the following topics:

(1) What is Sanchuang Education

(2) How to cultivate creativity

(3) How to go from creativity to innovation

(4) Cross-field innovation exercise

(5) How to go from innovation to entrepreneurship

(6) Case Study and Analysis of Entrepreneurship

(7) Practical drill of entrepreneurial case

(8) Mind mapping exercises

(9) Observation of campus practice

3. Students' three innovations winter and summer camps


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