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2017 International Culture Festival
2017 International Culture Festival

CYUT is pre-opening office was established in 1988. Then, in 1994, CYUT began to admit students. The name "Chaoyang" symbolizes the university facing the sun and its vigorous growth. With "diligence, character, and action" as its motto, the students are expected to be active, self-motivated, and hardworking. It is easy for a university to cultivate students’ professional knowledge and skills. However, it is much more difficult to educate students to be polite, care for others, and to respect themselves. CYUT places great importance to the cultivation of students’ character and the establishment of a friendly and professional campus, where Chaoyang students can grow to be healthy and strong, and become professionals welcomed by their respective industries and by society in general.


Currently, the University comprises of 5 colleges and 22 departments, that offer 22 master's programs and 5 doctoral programs. The number of students currently enrollment is over 17,000, and the faculty and staff is about 600 in total. Please visit:


CYUT offers various types of courses each semester, please visit for detail information.

Admission Schedule

Fall Semester (Sept- Jan) and Spring Semester (Feb- June)

Application Procedures and Required Documents

1. Please fill-in ‘Application Form

2. One photocopy of official yearly transcripts school/university or Certificate of enrollment.

3. Recommendation letter or consent from your school

4. Health certificate

5. Statement of Purpose

6. Documents or transcripts specified by department

7. Financial Statement

For further information, please contact us


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8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, Taiwan

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