Applications for admission of overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macau students

Overseas Chinese students、Hong Kong and Macau students admission information

Apply for eligibility

1. Overseas students:

A Chinese student born overseas who has resided continuously so far, or who has recently resided abroad continuously for more than 6 years, and who has obtained permanent or long-term residence documents in the place of residence.

2. Hong Kong and Macau students :

A resident of Hong Kong or Macao who has a hong Kong-Macau permanent residence status and has recently resided abroad for more than 6 years.

3. Chinese students of foreign nationality in Hong Kong and Macau:

Chinese students with foreign nationality, permanent residence status in Hong Kong or Macau, who have not had a household registration in Taiwan and who have recently resided continuously in Hong Kong, Macau or overseas for more than 6 years apply for admission to the University, shall be allowed to return to school and tutoring with overseas students before the relevant laws are amended. 


Those who apply for the first year of the Bachelor's degree class of the school shall obtain a diploma (with the same academic qualifications as applicants with the same academic qualification) in the local Chinese secondary school, the foreign language secondary school graduation or equivalent to the domestic senior secondary school graduation and be verified by the Government's Office in the Foreign Office, the Overseas Chinese Cultural and Educational Service Center of the Overseas Chinese Committee or the sponsoring unit designated by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee. The qualification of the same academic ability shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Education's "Standards for the Identification of Equal Academic Ability in Admission to Universities".

Applicants for the second and third grades of the School's Bachelor's degree program are required to obtain a full-time Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in Hong Kong, and the above courses have been consulted and downloaded for details of the qualifications of the Course through the Fourth Level of the Hong Kong Qualifications Architecture (to the Qualifications Register website (website:, or Certificates approved and approved by the local government authorities and professional assessment bodies of the Hong Kong local government), the academic documents also meet the requirements of the "Hong Kong and Macau residents to study in Taiwan", "Hong Kong and Macau academic examination and recognition measures" or "admission to universities equivalent academic ability identification standards", verified by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office is true, and is eligible to apply.

How to apply:

Take the online registration application ( , fill in the complete registration information according to thesystem instructions and confirm the input and upload information , start to complete the registration process registration qualifications and places according to the announcement of the brief chapter , if the attached information is not uploaded when online registration , please E-Mail to the designated mailbox ( ) before the application deadline.

For detailed admission information, please refer to Chaoyang University of Science and Technology's separate admissions for overseas Chinese students and Hong Kong and Macau students. Or contat us:, +886-4-23323000 #3130

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