Love in Chaoyang

In order to understand the experience of overseas students during their studies in our school and to encourage students to deeply understand the campus culture of our school and the local customs of Taiwan, our school holds an essay call activity. Students can participate in various ways such as life news, postcard design, and online popularity sharing competitions.
The latest list of winners is as follows:
110-2 "Love in Chaoyang - My Taiwanese Learning Experience" Call for Contributors List of Winners

1. Life Dynamics - Chinese Manuscript Group

Winner - Ning ○'er
Winner - Wei Xiangxiang
Winner - Xu ○ Sui
Excellent Work - Shirao Ze
Excellent Work - Zhang ○tong

2. Life dynamics - English manuscript group
Winner - A○○ Lee
Winner - Bixi
Winner - Zhan Yi
Excellent Work - Mordred
Excellent work - Shiya

3. Life Dynamics-Vietnamese Contribution Group
Winner - Le ○○ River
Winner - Lai ○○ Village
Winner - Ruan ○○ Yu
Masterpiece - Takeshi
Excellent Work - Fan ○ Sheng

4. Internet Popularity Award
Life Dynamics-English Contribution Group - Xi○ya
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