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Injury Medical Insurance and National Health Insurance

Injury Medical Insurance

New foreign students coming to Taiwan for the first time must apply for medical and injury insurance with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of entry before entering Taiwan. Relevant documents must be verified by Taiwan's foreign offices. If you are unable to provide relevant medical insurance, you must be compulsory to participate in the "Injury Medical Insurance" provided by Chaoyang University of Technology (NT $ 3,000 per semester). There are three types of insurance contents: outpatient (emergency) medical insurance premium, daily ward insurance premium, and inpatient medical insurance premium.

During the effective period of the insurance, when outpatient treatment is required due to an injury insurance accident, the outpatient fee must be paid in advance, and then the original receipt and the doctor's diagnosis certificate should be attached to the school's Health Services Section to fill out an insurance claim form and apply to the insurer for claims.

 National Insurance

According to the National Health Insurance Law, anyone who has lived in Taiwan for 6 months with a residence certificate should participate in National Health Insurance.

After living in Taiwan for 6 months, it means that after entering the Taiwan area and obtaining a residence permit, you have lived continuously for 6 months or have left the country for less than 30 days, after deducting the number of days of departure, and counted as 6 months.

To meet the eligibility requirements for health insurance, students should go to the school's Health Services Section and fill out the "National Health Insurance IC Card Application Form” by holding a residence permit, a photocopy of the original passport, and a two-inch white background photo.

The insurance premium for foreign students is NT $ 749 per month (according to the current fee standard of the National Health Insurance Agency), and the insurance premium is paid for 6 months per semester (A total of NT $ 4,494). However, new students entering the country must be eligible for insurance after staying for 6 months after receiving the ARC. In order to protect the safety of students, they are compulsory to participate in the "Injury and Disease Medical Insurance" provided by Chaoyang University of Science and Technology (NT $ 3,000 per semester) before their participation in the National Health Insurance.

※If you are a foreign student who already has a National Health Insurance Card, please go to our school's Health Services Section to carry out the insurance process. After completing the insurance process, the school will include the insurance fee into the tuition bill for each semester.

In the case of foreign students who have been abroad for more than six months (such as exchange students at foreign schools), they can apply for suspension of insurance on their own initiative before leaving the country, and the school will fill out an application form for suspension of insurance and send it to the National Health Insurance branch of the jurisdiction. During the period, insurance premiums are exempted. Upon re-entry, students should take the initiative to apply for reinsurance to the school's Health Services Section, and the school should fill out a reinsurance application form and send it to the corresponding branch under their jurisdiction.

Those who have been insured by other parties (such as internships, relatives, etc.), who are not insured by the school: please submit relevant information to the Health Services Section for registration.

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