How to apply Alien Resident Certificates (ARC)

Passports and visas
Passports and visas

Internmational students who have been admitted to this university needs to enter Taiwan with a resident visa before you can apply for a residence permit for aliens. You must complete the registration procedure within 15 days of entry to apply for a residence permit at the Immigration Service Station.

If you enter with a visitor's visa, you must apply to the Consular Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a change of resident visa before the end of your visitor's visa.

For detailed visa application requirements, please contact the "Republic of China Embassies & Missions" or "Consular Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" for confirmation.

Required Documents

1. Application Form (PDF)

2. 2-inch photo on white*1

3. Original Passport (Copy of residence visa page required for initial application)

4. Student ID or Certificate of Attendance

5. Alien Residence Permit (exempt for first-time applicants, general extensions are required to return the old permit for a new one)

Application Fees

Application fee NT $ 1,000

※ Those who apply for reissuance of lost alien residence permits must report to the police station of their jurisdiction for record first, and then submit the report certificate and the required documents to the immigration service station for reissuance. The reissue fee is NT $ 500

Application time

About 10 working days (excluding holidays)

Other considerations

1.For those who do not apply for an extension within the period of stay, the competent authority may revoke the residency status of the parties and order them to leave the country.

2. Those whose residence permits are overdue:

Within 30 days after the expiration (excluding the 30th day), a fine and extension fee needs to be paid, and a residence permit can be applied for

After overdue for more than 30 days (including the 30th day), after paying a fine, go to the residence team to make a transcript and register with the immigration service station, and re-apply for a visa to enter Taiwan after the deadline within 7 days.

※ Overseas overdue applicants need to re-apply for a residence visa to enter Taiwan

3. To change residence address or other residence permit information, you should bring the required documents to the Immigration Department for application data changes within 15 days. Violators are fined NT $ 2,000-10,000.

4. If you are expected to leave during the semester, you must confirm that the alien residence permit is still valid when returning to Taiwan. If the expected return time exceeds the validity period of the residence permit, please go to the immigration service station to apply for an extension of the alien residence permit in advance.

5. Those who apply for leaving school (suspend, drop out, graduate) and hold a residence permit for the purpose of attending school, the residence permit will become invalid after completing the school leaving procedures. Please apply to the Immigration Department for a single departure and leave within the prescribed time. If you want to return to Taiwan to return to school, you must apply for a visa again.

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