Advantages of Studying in CYUT

IJASE has been published in scope
IJASE has been published in scope

Advantages of Studying in CYUT 

  1. CYUT has been ranked number one among private universities of technology in Taiwan and among top 1,000 universities in the world by Webometrics Rankings of World Universities.
  2. CYUT was ranked among top 1% universities in the field of engineering according to ESI essay ranking. In this field, CYUT has been the top one among private universities of technology in Taiwan.
  3. CYUT was ranked among top 1% universities in the field of information, according to HEEACT Ranking. In this field, CYUT has been the top one among private universities of technology in Taiwan.
  4. CYUT was ranked number one globally in three fields of journals and essays influence: computer science, strategy science, and knowledge management, according to Elsevier Database.
  5. CYUT was consecutively ranked among the top fifteen in three fields of studies in Taiwan: civil engineering, computer science, and earth science, according to the WOS journal ranking by Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan.
  6. CYUT’s Innovation Incubation Center was ranked number one in Asia and number two in the world by the Swedish UBI Index review of the international collegiate incubators.
  7. CYUT was ranked among the top 100 in Green Matric World University Ranking, and CYUT was the top one among private universities of technology in Taiwan.
  8. CYUT has been funded by the MOE for the TELA project for 11 consecutive years, with the total funding of six hundred and twenty-six million New Taiwan Dollars.
  9. CYUT has won 56 gold medal awards, 79 silver medal awards, 33 bronze medal awards, and 35 special awards in international exhibitions of invention in Geneva, Pittsburg, Seoul, and Malaysia.
  10. Two centers in CYUT—Asia Mycotoxin Analysis Center and Research Center of Green Product Management and Testing—have been accredited by TAF. CYUT is the first university in Taiwan to have obtained the certification of mycotoxin analysis contamination control and environmental pollutant detection
  11. CYUT has been the only ETEN member in Taiwan (certified by ETEN), and has established the student-exchange platform with VIA University in Denmark.
  12. CYUT won the championship in Cross-Strait Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. CYUT was also the across-the-board championship in Cross-Strait Cup Competition of Entrepreneurship, hosted by Shanghai Jiao Tung University.
  13. CYUT won the across-the-board championship in National Competition of Innovation and Entrepreneurship by MOE.Students’ Entrepreneurship Team also won the across-the-board championship in the Zhuhai-Dantin Cup Competition of Entrepreneurship in 2014.
  14. CYUT was awarded by MOE because of excellence performance in labor education. Besides, CYUT has also been ranked number one by MOE for terrific achievements in the promotion of students’ characters for 5 consecutive years.
  15. Global Views Monthly has an opinion poll on CEO’s favorite college students. CYUT is ranked top one in fields of tourism, catering, and leisure among all universities of technology in Taiwan.


Academic Exchange; Globalization; Innovation

To promote international academic cooperation, Chaoyang has signed mutual agreements with 430 overseas schools and organizations. Besides exchange visits between schools, there are various kinds of cooperation like, scholar exchanges, scholar visits, short term training, research cooperation, dual-degree programs, recruitment of foreign students, summer study camp, international seminars, and exchanges of publications. Moreover, in order to build up a global view and communication ability, our university offers outstanding students intensive trainings, such as, languages, eloquence, international protocol, multiculturalism, and the chance of studying abroad to broaden their international vision.

The Innovation and Incubation Center: to upgrade Research and Development capabilities in the Central Taiwan Science Park

In order to integrate industrial-academic cooperation, our university has established the Innovation and Incubation Center in Central Taiwan Science Park. We are the first university there to offer various kinds of help. Not only has our university passed the quality-certification of EBN EC-BIC (European community Business and Innovation Centers) for three years, but our incubation center was ranked number one in Asia and number in the world by Swedish UBI Index.

Three-Creative Education: Paradigm of Excellence

The Three-Creative Education—originality, innovation, and entrepreneurship—has been the center of our education. Our entrepreneur team consists of students from different departments. In the cross-strait entrepreneurship competitions, our team has won the championship six times. Our graduates have been voted as the most favorite employees among Fortune 3,000 in Taiwan.

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